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Whether you are already an online seller or looking to get started selling physical products online in India, this list is going to be an invaluable, up-to-date resource.

Who am I to give advice? Well, in the last 3 years I’ve sold over 40 Crores worth of products online! Check out my story in this video.

The e-commerce landscape in India in 2019, is still bustling with new startups, new business models and a lot of churn. So don’t be surprised to find several new companies in this list.

Let’s get started.


Amazon has been one of the fastest growing e-commerce marketplaces in India. Personally for me, it constitutes the largest chunk of our online sales – about 35-40% of our total sales come from Amazon India.

What sets Amazon apart from competitors is its robust ranking algorithm and its very accessible & high performance Ads tools.

Some negative points include too much dependence on customer reviews (where one malicious or false 1 Star review on a brand new product can sink it so far down, it can be difficult to recover.).

Second, is the fact that they charge you shipping fees even when your product is not delivered or rejected by a customer on Cash On Delivery (Flipkart does not do this). However, they have recently started reimbursements for certain types of undelivered orders in 45 days.

Register here:

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is supposed to be the current leader in terms of total value of sales in India. No doubt, the huge order volumes Flipkart can generate on a Sale Event day like Big Billion Day is unmatched, even by Amazon.

However, the volumes for my business on Flipkart has always been lower than that on Amazon. It’s inconsistency is a problem, not only are the sales unpredictable, so are the Ads. It is probably because they do not have a solid and stable product ranking algorithm like Amazon does.

Though things are getting better and more predictable on Flipkart, as they are increasingly giving weight to customer reviews and stabilizing product rankings. However their Usual Price system combined with ‘Fixed Settlement’ & ‘Variable Settlement’ Promotions can be confusing for sellers.

PRO TIP #1:On the brighter side, their Product Listing Ads are currently giving better ROI to most sellers than Amazon. So if you haven’t started advertising on Flipkart yet, you should do so immediately. 

The biggest advantage with Flipkart is that they do not charge you shipping fees if COD orders are undelivered or rejected by the customer. This keeps your cost of doing business lower.

Register Here:

3. Myntra & Jabong [Fashion Only]

Myntra & Jabong are both now owned by Flipkart. Myntra owns a big chunk of the online fashion sales pie. Yes, sellers have reported tripling their numbers once they go Live on Myntra & Jabong but its like an exclusive club of brands that seem out of reach of most sellers.

You do need a strong brand and high quality products that are unique in the market to get on-boarded. Here is the direct link to get started selling on Myntra & Jabong: (but do remember they take very long to respond in most cases, and you may not even get a response at all.)

PRO TIP #2 : Use an e-commerce service provider who can help you send your product samples to Myntra and get you on-boarded if you are approved. This is much faster but the service provider will charge a fee. Just tell them you’ll pay only if you’re accepted, then you’re good to go! This entire process takes about 40 days.

Also, I would like to mention that Myntra has started selling headphones & other electronics so don’t ignore Myntra if you’re not in the fashion segment, be sure to research all their categories.

4. Snapdeal

Surprise, Surprise! The marketplace that crashed and burned not too long ago, seems to be rising from the ashes again. From what I hear, Snapdeal has not only started getting good orders again, they are also looking at buying Shopclues! 

PRO TIP #3: This might be a good time to get back on Snapdeal. I’m already back & the numbers, though not large, are promising! Also, since the competition is low, their Ads could give good returns right now (even though Ads have never been their strong suit).

However, I would strongly advise you to keep an eye on your settlements and fees & charges charged to you by Snapdeal. For Eg, They are still charging us Rs. 150 every month for storage fees for an item that was liquidated one and a half years ago! Not only that, they charge very significant cancellation fees if the seller cancels an order.

So keep your accounts in check when you start selling.

Register Here : 

5. Paytm Mall

In 2018, Paytm Mall looked very promising and gave good volumes. Sellers are known to have done over 1 lakh orders in a single day during Diwali sales! But the euphoria soon fizzled out in December when they stopped giving big cash-backs & cut down on discounts & marketing.

Orders have drastically reduced on Paytm Mall since then, though it still promises to do well & does give orders. I have recently been getting approached by their team to start selling again as they are planning for promotions again.

PRO TIP #4: You get more orders on Paytm Mall if you participate in their promotions from their dashboard as they feature these promotions well.

For us sellers, any additional orders, means more money, so why not sign up there too, if you haven’t yet. Register here:

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6. Shopclues

Shopclues too started out with a lot of promise and good traction. They did give sellers good volumes but mostly to those selling extremely low priced items. They are particularly known for their Rs.49 to 99 Sales, Sunday Flea Market etc. 

However, in the past, I have got good orders there for items of Rs.2000 in a category where average selling price was just 300, but in every meeting that I have had with their team, I felt like they do not wish to focus on high priced items at all.

Their relentless focus on Tier 2, 3 & 4 cities & towns separated them form the competition but there is only so much money you can make from selling a 49 rupee item to them! At some point they had to stop burning money.

This is what happened and their sales seem to be drastically down too. Also beware, they used to be looking to extract money from sellers with some sort of Account Management Service and Advertising Packages.

Not that these packages do not work at all – in my experience, they can do well for you but only if you have some of the lowest priced items in your category. They are probably going to be bought by Snapdeal but we’ll have to wait & see what happens.

So, if you are looking to liquidate your stuck inventory or have very low priced items to sell, this can be a good place to sign up.

Register here:

7. Meesho

This is a relatively new marketplace but has gained a good amount of orders in a short span of time. They are basically a re-selling platform, so they do not sell directly to customers, instead anybody can sign up there as a re-seller and sell the products listed on Meesho by suppliers, to their friends, family and customers to make a margin on their sales.

Their models seems to be doing well, with a lot of people selling in Whatsapp groups, Instagram pages etc. For us sellers and brand owners, becoming a supplier on Meesho is a good opportunity. They have a very simple fee structure and don’t charge suppliers any shipping fee.

PRO TIP #5 : If you are a Gold Seller on Flipkart or have very good orders on Amazon you can actually negotiate a slightly lower commission rate with Meesho! When they call you, just tell them that their commission is too high (usually 20%) and you need a better rate to sign up.

Their cataloging process is currently not smooth at all and their in-house listing team just don’t list all your products at once. This is something you can deal with, by listing your products on your own. However their order volumes are good & rising.

If you have high quality and attractive photographs for your products, its easy to get to 20-50 orders a day on Meesho. We have just signed up and have started to get orders. You should definitely start selling there if you haven’t.

Register here:

8. Glowroad

Glowroad’s model is the same as Meesho – they are a re-selling platform too. Several sellers especially in the Fashion segment and the Kitchen segment are doing well there, but there is good traction in other categories too.

You should definitely sign up on Glowroad and start selling as there seems to be a good growth path ahead for both Meesho & Glowroad and the sooner you get started, the more ratings & reviews your products can start accumulating, so they rank higher than products from sellers that join later.

Register here:

9. FirstCry & HopScotch [Baby & Kids Only]

These are the two dominant online players in India when it comes to Kids and Baby products. A lot of young parents shop there and these two websites control a good chunk of this segment.

Although Firstcry does not appear to be a marketplace, there are sellers selling there who have a good brand reputation and quality products. Just like Myntra, it is hard to get in there but you can find a way in by using service providers or contacting their team directly via email or LinkedIn.

For Hopsctoch, I have for you, the direct link to their seller sign up form :

Go on, thank me later 

10. Limeroad & Voonik [Fashion Only]

The reason I’ve grouped these together is that both of these are in the fashion segment and gained prominence around the same time. At one point in 2017, we were doing hundreds of orders every day on Voonik.

But oh, what a fall from grace it has been! Now we regularly have zero-order days and have completely stopped selling on Voonik & Mr Voonik. Another reason is that, they went crazy with their fees, at one point they were charging a total of over Rs.180 as shipping directly and indirectly to the seller and customer.

Also, Voonik’s current strategy seems to be to focus on their own private labels and brands. Hence I would not recommend you to start selling on Voonik but Limeroad is one you can still consider. Although their seller panel is clunky, they do still have some order volumes and if you are already registered there, you can gain traction if you work closely with their category team.

However, I don’t yet see a very bright future for both of them and you need to be cautious because sinking marketplaces like askmebazar and trendybharat have caused losses to sellers (including us!) when they shut down without clearing your dues. If you still do want to get started, email them at

11. TataCliq 

Yes, Tata is in the game too! One thing that Tata always focuses on is quality.  They have a highly valued brand name in the Indian consumer’s  mind and they work hard to keep it that way.

Just like Myntra, you need to have a registered brand and very good quality products. Some of the negative points include a very complex seller panel & order processing procedure, which can be confusing to new sellers. Also, its has relatively low traffic & orders when compared to more established sites like Myntra.

However, there are many positives including, the ability to price your brand higher as they target a relatively affluent customer base. There is also the added benefit if your brand getting associated with a big name like Tata.

If you want to sell on TataCliq go here:

12. Koovs [Fashion]

This is an up-and-coming online fashion store. They have gained a good reputation and shoppers interest in a short span of time. They also have Future Group (owners of Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory etc) as an investor, who owns 30% of their company.

They do not seem to have an open marketplace yet. (Correct me in the comments below if I’m wrong.) However, what I did find in their FAQ section is that if you want to sell on Koovs, you can send them an email at

One thing is for certain, you are going to need your own brand and original designs to get accepted because they have a curated selection which usually means, individual designs are picked by their team for sale and brands cannot upload their entire catalogs.

13. HomeShop18

This is one name we are familiar with albeit not because of their website but due to their TV channel. However, they are currently growing their website traffic fast.

PRO TIP #6: If you get in touch with your category manager, you can get your items on their TV show as well. Although getting on the show will need you to give them a very large margin & commit large stock too.

As an online seller, the more sites you can sell on, the better. So it makes sense to sign up with them and see how your products can fit into their ecosystem. 

You can register for selling on HomeShop18 here:

14. Infibeam

This is an old & steady horse, is what I like to say. They are the only e-commerce company listed on the stock exchange and offer a variety of services apart form just a marketplace. However they do have good traffic and sales on their store.

They deal in almost all categories of e-commerce and there is no reason to not sign up with them. Sellers have managed to get good order volumes from Infibeam, especially during their promotions such as the Diwali sales season etc.

You can register for selling on Infibeam here:

I hope I was able to give you at least a few new places to start selling your products online in India. Please share this article in Facebook & Whatsapp seller groups to help out our fellow online sellers.

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**Views expressed in this article are solely based on my personal experience with these marketplaces. This experience may vary from seller to seller.

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