The 30 Day Dream Life Challenge

Ayushi khandelia

An Explorer

Prathamesh Manave

A Happy Soul, Master Coach, Entrepreneur


Live life king size.


The 30 days Program is do able, It has content that is necessary to plan our life and train our mind, will train us in the path of success.

Oneil Llewellyn Fonseca

I'm a Sports Teachers by profession

Sheetal Ausekar

I am Sheetal Ausekar, working in BPO as Team Manger, aspiring to grow to next level in my profession.

Premnath Maurya

This Great Learning and really helped me to upgrade myself. it is really amazing now i am able to spend quality time for my work and my loved one.

Prashant Namdeorao Gaoture

I am Prashant Namdeorao Gaoture, 50, Ravet, Pune. I am a yoga & fitness coach certified by Savitribai Phule university Pune.

Nimesh Darjee

Having dream to achieve something Big in Life, by service humanity with affordable medication. To join DLS community is the best decision of my Life.

Mukta ambekar

I m confident, honest. I like to learn new things.

Ravi Sahebrao Avhad

I am a person with Peaceful Nature with positive attitude... Working in a bank by situation but want to have my own business...

Smitha shalini

Iam a private employee .wanted to do a lot didnot know how and where to start, This course showed me direction

Sunil N L

I\'m an Artist specialized in Graphites, Oil and Acrylics. Creative, Caring and Fun loving. I\'m aspiring to make it Big in Art Industry.


I am happy to have participated the course since it has changed my life in a positive way. Now I feel more confident, active & optimistic.

Rahul Vishwasrao Kolte

A Banker by profession! Life changed after joining DLS programme by Ankit Sir, Thank you so much!!

R.Gayathri Ramesh

I am a homemaker and started a new business. This course made lots of changes in my life. Thank you Ankit sir and team.


I am adaptable, independent and focused. I'm unrelentingly honest. I'm responsible and calm.


It was wonderful sessions. Its very useful to my personal life.

Vaibhav Sitaram Padave

I am from 26 years old living in mumbai. Working as Business development engineer and planning my own startup.

Sagar Madan

I am a Legal Professional with practice in Supreme Court. I also coach students in Law

Shubhada Bhat

I loved this program. Thank you so much Ankit n team.

Mohit Gandhewar

23,I am a mechanical engineer, curious about new technologies.

Chaitra Chandrashekhar Doddamani

A Geotechnical Engineer and healer by choice, working towards making the world a better place to live through service.

Jignesh upadhyay

Amazing Ankit sir is owsome

Pancheti Anand

I am Pancheti Anand, Manager in POWERGRID.I am married with Smt.Bagyalakshmi having two kids. I am blissfull to had partucated in DLS programme.

Suma K M

Passionate learner

Ruchi Sharma

Live & Let Live, working on my dream life. Quality of thoughts = Quality of Life 🙏🏼

Dr Shariqah Shakil

I was perseverant and dedicated but somehow things went off track....DLS helped me focus,stay positive,set goals and be more of myself.

Santosh Narasimha Naik

I am a student of this life and trying to learn and becoming better version of me by the grace of Master.


I am from middle class family. I joined this course to meet the highest potential of mind n body. And i m improving. Thanks Team

Dr Gurupada Mishra

I am a doctor. My dream is to become one one the best endocrinologist. And I am happy i am doing good enough to achieve my goal.

Saqib Aziz

A government employee.Long time procrastinator finally became productive.

Darshana Acharekar

Im a homemaker and an aspiring artist.

Saqib Aziz

An addicted procrastinator who finally found DLS.A person who quits smoking after a long time and very grateful to Ankit.


I am an outspoken, deep thinker, straight forward personality. I believe in commitment and consistency towards any work what I do.

Arko Sarkar

An engineer. Still figuring out what to do in life, wishing to stop wasting and utilise more of my time, and hoping for the best! 🙂

Arun Kumar

I am an IT Engineer by profession, now a dream life legend and soon gonna be an Entrepreneur.

Shikhar Sharma

I am a tax and finance practitioner. I have done, LLB and I have cleared CA final group 2 and will appear my CA final group 1 in January 2021.

Tanushree Sarkar

I am a dreamer. An emotional kind of person. I want to complete all my dreams.

Vijay Wadgaonkar

B2B marketing & sales practitioner for Life | Host of the Sales Growth Mindset Show - B2B Selling Podcast

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